Kinetics Resources

Screencasts: > 300 short screencasts organized by topic and textbook

Interactive screencasts: 5 screencasts

Quiz screencasts: > 20 screencasts with built-in quizzes

Interactive self-study modules: 15 interactive self-study modules

Interactive simulations: 50 simulations: Isothermal and non-isothermal reactors (batch, semibatch, CSTR, PFR), multiple steady states, biokinetics

Spreadsheets: Nonlinear Regression for enzyme kinetics, Activation energy, Nonlinear regression for PFR data, Analyze virtual catalytic reactor laboratory data

Virtual lab: Virtual catalytic reactor laboratory

Polymath files: 16 Polymath files with corresponding screencasts

ConcepTests: more than 250 multiple-choice conceptual questions (instructors only)

Course package: a OneNote notebook with a complete set of class notes, assignments, exams (instructors only)