Virtual Laboratories

These are browser-based virtual laboratories (VLs). The Catalytic Laboratory is a complete laboratory that can be run similar to a physical laboratory. Students can plan experiments, collect and analyze data, and write laboratory reports. Each student or student group has different values for the parameters that are attempting to obtain by collecting data. This laboratory has extensive written documentation plus screencasts. The Single-Stage Distillation Column Virtual Laboratory can be used as a laboratory or course project; it has a series of screencast instructions.

Other interactive simulations, although not prepared as VLs, could be used as VLs. Students can use these simulations to generate data, which can be analyzed, and reports can be written. For example, the separations “Multi-stage Batch Distillation” simulation could serve as the basis for a VL.

Read about the Virtual Catalytic Reactor Laboratory:

J. L. Falconer and N. Hendren, Virtual Catalytic Reactor Laboratory, Chemical Engineering Education 55, 183-188 (2021). https://doi.org/10.18260/2-1-370.660-126043