Multistage Batch Distillation

Multi-stage batch distillation is simulated using animation. Ten kmol of a binary mixture (components A and B, with B being the more volatile component) are placed in a batch still. Use the “initial mole fraction B” slider to set the initial composition of the still. Next, adjust the number of trays in the column with the “equilibrium stages” slider, and adjust the reflux ratio of the column with the “reflux ratio (L/D)” slider. Specify the amount of liquid to be collected using the “amount to collect” slider.
When you click “collect”, the outlet valve is opened and liquid evaporates into a collection container. The container is then set aside and an empty container is substituted. This process can be repeated until 1 kmol remains in the still or eight containers have been filled. You may view previously collected distillate by selecting “collected distillate” on the drop-down menu above the plot. Select “reset” to start over. To see a tooltip, hover the mouse over various lines on each plot or over the stage trays on the column.

view simulation and instructional video
This simulation was made at the University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  Author(s): Neil Hendren
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