Absorption and Henry's Law: Interactive Simulation

This simulation was prepared using Mathematica. Download the free Wolfram player, and then download the simulation CDF file (link given below or click on figure to download). A screencast below explains how to use this simulation.

This Demonstration calculates the mole fractions of gases dissolved in water. Check “set temperature” to display mole fractions in a bar graph and set the temperature with a slider. Uncheck “set temperature” to plot mole fractions as a function of temperature and hover the cursor over a curve to see which gas it corresponds to. Only the gases whose boxes are checked are displayed. The mole fractions are calculated independently for each gas at the gas pressure (set with a slider).


Try to answer these questions before determining the answer with the simulation. We suggest that you write down the reasons for your answers.

  1. When the temperature increases, does the amount of CO2 absorbed in water increase or decrease?
  2. Which gas absorbs more in water, CO2 or O2?
  3. How does the amount of gas absorbed change as the gas pressure increases?