Ideal Gas Law: Example Problems

Try to solve these problems before watching the solutions in the screencasts.

Example Problem 1

Calculate the volume of water vapor using the ideal gas law. Determine how much error is made by assuming water is an ideal gas by comparing calculated volumes to volumes from the steam tables.

  1. At 500°C and 0.5-MPa pressure, water’s specific volume is 0.7109 m3/kg.
  2. At 500°C and 17.0-MPa pressure, water’s specific volume is 0.0482 m3/kg.
Example Problem 2

An ideal gas mixture at 2 atm and 35°C has the following volume compositions: 15% O2, 65% N2, 12% CO2, 7% CO, and 1% H2O. Determine the following:
a. The partial pressures of each species.
b. The mass fractions of oxygen and carbon monoxide in the mixture.
c. The average molecular weight of the gas mixture.
d. The density of the gas mixture.