Isothermal Batch Reactors: ConcepTest and Example Problem

Try to answer this ConcepTest and solve the example problem before using this module. Studies show that trying to answer the questions before studying material improves learning and retention. We suggest that you write down the reasons for your answers. By the end of this module, you should be able to answer these on your own. Answers will be given at the end of this module.

A sample problem over an isothermal batch reactor.
Example Problem 1

Styrene (S) and butadiene (B) are copolymerized in an isothermal batch reactor. The 27 m3 reactor was charged with 2,200 kg of styrene and 5,000 kg of butadiene. The polymerization is first order in S and first order in B and k = 0.036 m3/(kmol-h). The reaction is S + 3.2 B → polymer and constant density is assumed. What are the concentrations of S and B after 10 h?