Nonlinear Regression: Screencast

Discusses assumption in nonlinear regression (NLR) and uses data for vapor pressure versus temperature to fit to an Antoine equation. Discusses how to evaluate NLR results.

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Important Equations:


where \(R^2\) is R-squared, a measure of goodness of fit of model

\(SS\) = sum of squares of residuals

residual = measured value -calculated value

\(SS_{mean}\) = sum of squares of (measured value – mean)

mean = average value of the dependent variable measured

degrees of freedom = number of measurements – number of parameters

Arrhenius expression format from regression to determine activation energy 

\[k = k_{0}e^{-\frac{E}{R}(\frac{1}{T}-\frac{1}{T_{0}})}\]

where \(k\) = rate constant

\(k_{0}\) = rate constant at temperature \(T_{0}\)

\(E\) = activation energy

\(R\) = gas constant

\(T\) = temperature (K)

\(T_{0}\) = temperature in middle of temperature range where data obtained