Purge Stream in a System with Recycle: ConcepTest and Example Problem

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Image of a concepTest for the Purge Stream in a System with Recycle Module on LearnChemE.com.
Example Problem 1

A reactor system with a separator, recycle, and a purge is used is used to form NH3 from a feed stream that is 74.775 mol/s of H2, 24.925 mol/s of N2, and 0.30 mol/s of Ar. The reactor converts 40% of the N2 feed into NH3. The separator, located immediately after the reactor, removes all the NH3 but does not remove any H2, N2, or Ar. A purge stream then removes 1.00% of the H2, N2, Ar stream before it is recycled back to the reactor feed. How much NH3 is made per second?