Single-Stage Batch Distillation: Interactive Simulation

This simulation runs in your browser. Try to predict the behavior when a parameter changes before using a slider to change that parameter.  

Simulation: Batch Distillation

Try to answer these questions before determining the answer with the simulation. We suggest that you write down the reasons for your answers.

  1. As batch distillation proceeds for a binary mixture without an azeotrope, does the temperature in the still increase, decrease, or remain the same?
  2. For batch distillation of a binary mixture with a minimum boiling point azeotrope, does the composition of the distillate get to closer to or further away from the azeotrope composition?
  3. In a batch distillation of 50/50 binary mixture without an azeotrope, can a significant amount of distillate be obtained with a mole fraction of the more volatile component greater than 0.95?