Ternary Phase Diagrams: Example Problems

Try to solve these problems before watching the solutions in the screencasts.

Example Problem 1

A stream of 50% (by mass) acetone and 50% water is mixed with a stream of pure MIBK in an extraction system. The mass feed rate of the acetone/water stream is half that of the MIBK stream. What is the outlet mass of the water-rich phase per mass of water in the feed?

Example Problem 2

A pure solvent (flow rate= 299.4 kg/h) is used to extract a solute from a feed (flow rate= 50.0 kg/h) that is 35% solute and 65% carrier. What are the compositions and flow rates of the extract (the solvent-rich phase leaving the stage) and of the raffinate (the effluent carrier phase from which solute was extracted) streams? The ternary phase diagram is shown below.

An ternary diagram for an example problem determining compositions and flow rates.