Image of a textbook, Process Control: Designing Processes and Control Systems for Dynamic Performance by Thomas Marlin

Process Control Designing Processes and Control Systems for Dynamic Performance (2nd Ed.)

T. Marlin
1 Introduction to Process Control
1.8 How is Process Control Documented?
3 Mathematical Modelling Principles
4 Modelling and Analysis for Process Control
5 Dynamic Behavior of Typical Process Systems
6 Empirical Model Identification
6.3 The Process Reaction Curve
7 The Feedback Loop
7.2 Process and Instrument Elements of the Feedback Loop
8 The PID Algorithm
8.2 Desired Features of a Feedback Control Algorithm
8.9 Importance of the PID Controller
10 Stability Analysis and Controller Tuning
12 Practical Application of Feedback Control
12.3 Input Processing
12.4 Feedback Control Algorithm
14 Cascasde Control
15 Feedforward Control
20 Multiloop Control: Effects of Interaction
21 Multiloop Control: Performance Analysis
21.3 Multiloop Control Performance Through Loop Pairing
21.4 Multiloop Control Performance Through Tuning
23 Centralized Multivariable Control
23.3 An Alternative Dynamic Modelling Approach
Appendix H