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Separations Quiz Screencasts

Each screencast has at least one interactive quiz during the video. The description above each video provides a brief summary.

Description: Presents the material balances, energy balance, and Raoult's law for an adiabatic flash drum. The feed is an ideal binary liquid.

Description: This screencast describes a flash distillation, derives the material balances and operating line, and shows how to use the operating line on an x-y diagram.

Description: Shows how the mixing point and the operating point in the Hunter-Nash method are determined from mass balances on a two-stage liquid-liquid extraction. The points are located on a ternary phase diagram.

Description: Shows how mass balances and phase equilibrium are used to determine the number of stages in the Hunter-Nash method for liquid-liquid extraction.

Description: Develops a ternary phase diagram using equilibrium data.

Description: A brief overview of using a triangular phase diagram for a tertiary system (acetone-water-MIBK).