Water Contact Angle for Heterogeneous Surface

The measured contact angle is calculated for a rough, heterogeneous surface using the Wenzei and Cassie laws. The contact surface is a mixture of materials A and B. With sliders, you can change the fraction of component A and the surface contact angles of each material (θA and θB). Also, a slider can change the surface roughness; for a completely smooth surface, the surface roughness ratio used in the Wenzei equation is 1. The measured contact angle (θW) is calculated and displayed above the water droplet graphic; arrows on the plot show where θW is measured. Surfaces with water contact angles θW > 90° have low wettability and are considered hydrophobic, whereas θW < 90° means the surface has high wettability and is considered hydrophilic. When θW = 0°, complete wetting occurs.

This simulation runs on desktop using the free Wolfram Player. Download the Wolfram Player here.
This simulation was made at the University of Colorado Boulder, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering.  Author(s): Rachael L. Baumann, Nathan S. Nelson

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