Enriching Oxygen in Air by Cross-Flow Membrane Permeation

This simulation studies enriching the oxygen content of air with a single-stage membrane module. The binary mixture, A (O2) and B (N2), has an ideal separation factor, the ratio of the permeabilities of the two species, α* = 10. The permeability of oxygen is PA = 500 x 10-10 cm3 (STP)cm/(s cm2 cmHg). The membrane is more permeable to oxygen and has a thickness t = 2.54 x 10-3 cm. The stage cut, θ, is set by the user. The values of the pressures in the feed and permeate sides are chosen equal to Pf = 190 cm Hg and Pp = 19 cm Hg, respectively, which give a ratio of pressures, r, equal to 10. The feed rate and composition are given by: qf = 106 cm3 (STP)/s, xN2 = 0.791 and xO2 = 0.209. This simulation computes the reject and permeate compositions as well as the membrane area. In addition, values of the local permeate compositions, both at the entrance and exit of the module, are given.

This simulation runs on desktop using the free Wolfram Player. Download the Wolfram Player here.

Authors: Housam Binous, Ahmed Bellagi. Open content licensed under CC BY-NC-SA.


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