Thermodynamics Self-Study Modules

Organized by Elliott and Lira, 2nd edition

Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 


Chapter 1: Basic Concepts

Chapter 2: The Energy Balance

Chapter 3: Energy Balances for Composite Systems

Chapter 4: Entropy

Chapter 5: Thermodynamic of Processes 

Chapter 6: Classical Thermodynamics – Generalization for any Fluid

Chapter 7: Engineering Equations of State for PVT Properties

Chapter 8: Departure Functions

Chapter 9: Phase Equilibrium for a Pure Fluid

Chapter 10: Introduction to Multi-component Systems

Chapter 11: An Introduction to Activity Models

Chapter 14: Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid Equilibria

Chapter 15: Phase Equilibria in Mixtures by an Equation of State

Chapter 17: Reaction Equilibria