Chemical Reaction Engineering (3rd Ed.)

Octave Levenspiel
1 Overview of Chemical Reaction Engineering
2 Kinetics of Homogeneous Reactions
3 Interpretation of Batch Reactor Data
4 Introduction to Reactor Design
5 Ideal Reactors for a Single Reaction
6 Design for Single Reactions
7 Design for Parallel Reactions
8 Potpourri of Multiple Reactions
9 Temperature and Pressure Effects
9.1 Single Reactions
10 Choosing the Right Kind of Reactor
11 Basics of Non-Ideal Flow
12 Compartment Models
Compartment Models
13 The Dispersion Model
13.1 Axial Dispersion
15 The Convection Model for Laminar Flow
18 Solid Catalyzed Reactions
19 The Packed Bed Catalytic Reactor
20 Reactors with Suspended Solid Catalyst, Fluidized Reactors of Various Types
20.1 Background Information about Suspended Solids Reactors
21 Deactivating Catalysts
22 G/L Reactions on Solid Catalyst: Trickle Beds, Slurry Reactors, Three-Phase Fluidized Beds
27 Enzyme Fermentation
28 Microbial Fermentation - Introduction and Overall Picture
29 Substrate-Limiting Microbial Fermentation