Thermodynamics Resources

Screencasts: ~350 short screencasts organized by topic and textbook

Interactive screencasts: > 40 screencasts

Quiz screencasts: ~80 screencasts with built-in quizzes

Interactive self-study modules: > 45 interactive self-study modules

Interactive simulations 1: 57 simulations: Energy balances, entropy, cycles, single-component phase equilibrium and fugacity, phase diagrams, equations of state, Maxwell relations

Interactive simulations 2: 51 simulations: Multi-component phase equilibrium (ideal and non-ideal), partially-miscible and immiscible solutions, fugacity, chemical potential, chemical equilibrium

Spreadsheets: NIST WebBook, temperature-dependent heat capacity, Gibbs free energy and chemical equilibrium, Gibbs minimization, flash, osmotic pressure, energy balance

Virtual lab: Vapor-liquid equilibrium

Steam tables: spreadsheet, screencasts on steam tables, self-study module

Polymath files: Antoine equation, adiabatic flash, bubble temperature, wilson equation VLE

ConcepTests: more than 1,100 multiple choice conceptual questions (instructors only)

Course package: a OneNote notebook with a complete set of class notes, assignments, exams and solutions (instructors only)