Separation Process Principles (3rd Ed.)

J.D. Seader, E.J. Henley, D.K. Roper
1 Separation Processes
2 Thermodynamics of Separation Operations
2.1 Energy, Entropy, and Availability Balances
2.3 Ideal-Gas, Ideal-Liquid-Solution Model
3 Mass Transfer and Diffusion
4 Single Equilibrium Stages and Flash Calculations
5 Single Equilibrium Stages and Flash Calculations
4.2 Binary Vapor-Liquid Systems
5 Multistage Cascades and Hybrid Systems
5.2 Single Section Liquid-Liquid Extraction Cascades
6 Absorption and Stripping of Dilute Mixtures
7 Distillation of Binary Mixtures
8 Liquid-Liquid Extraction with Ternary Systems
13 Batch Distillation
14 Membrane Separations
15 Adsorption, Ion Exchange, Chromatography, and Electrophoresis