Interactive Simulations Organized by Chapter

Introductory Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics (2nd Ed.)
J.R. Elliott and C.T. Lira

The simulations listed below can help you better understand thermodynamics concepts.  Use these simulations to review for exams, or to better understand the content in your textbook.

Chapter 1: Basic Concepts
Ch. 2: The Energy Balance
Ch. 3: Energy Balances for Composite Systems
Ch. 4: Entropy
Ch. 5: Thermodynamics of Processes
Ch. 6: Classical Thermodynamics
Ch. 7: Engineering EOS for PVT Properties
Ch. 8: Departure Functions
Ch. 9: Phase Equilibrium in a Pure Fluid
Ch. 10: Introduction to Multicomponent Systems
Ch. 11: An Introduction to Activity Models
Ch. 14: Liquid-Liquid and Solid-Liquid Phase Equilibria
Ch. 15: Phase Equilibria in Mixtures by an EOS
Ch. 17: Reaction Equilibria